• This was the first time I had a Doctor that wasn’t with St Peters University Hospital in New Brunswick. My children said they wanted the best and Dr. Ramani is the best. He was highly recommend by others. The first meeting i had he put my mind at ease, and would do all he could to end my pain. He is most kind and gentle Doctor. At the age of 84 I am glad I listened to my children. I will send anyone who needs an operation to Dr. Ramani. God Bless him.
    Jack Dorsey
  • Dr Nelish Patel was fantastic! He reconstructed my Achilles Tendon and did the FHL tendon transfer to give it added strength. His demeanor and patience in answering all of my questions was commendable to say the very least! He took all the time necessary to make sure that I understood exactly everything he told me, both before and after the surgery. I came to him looking for a second opinion on the surgery I needed and I’m glad I did. The first doctor I had seen told me I would be out of work for at least 5 months, but Dr Patel assured me I would not miss more than 12 weeks. I was back to work just 9 weeks after the surgery.
    Mary Desil
  • Dr. Patti performed a cervical fusion on me December 2016, the staff was great, answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable and calm the day of the surgery. I have less pain and more movement with my neck and arms. I continue to do my at home exercises from physical therapy, it is taking a while but I am getting more strength and endurance every day. I am hopeful that by the year point I will be able to do all the things I have had difficulty doing for the last few years. I would highly recommend Dr. Patti, he is very good and very friendly. My scar is very unnoticeable, he did a wonderful job all around.
    Chad Bushwick
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